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Blog | Tip of the Week Tuesday – May 7th, 2013



Tip of the Week Tuesday – May 7th, 2013

Reclaiming your Weedy Yard

Maintain the overall health of your lawn by following these simple steps -:

1. Let Air In – Aerate your soil to help water seep further down into the soil which will encourage growth.

2. Sow Your Seeds Correctly – It is important to distribute your seeds evenly. Having too many seeds in one place can not only stunt growth but create uneven patches in your lawn.

3. Top Dress with either Compost or Fertilizer – The nutrients from the compost and the fertilizer will feed your lawn and will ensure that it is lush, green and healthy.

4. Water It – The best time to water your lawn is either in the early hours of the morning or at night. Watering your lawn once or twice a day will keep the seeds and the grass itself moist.

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